A Late Night Conversation

Quiet Saturday evening with me meddling with an ex-Tiger bottle and Rainy Day Notes acquired after Pirate University’s graduation day:  (sorry, did not make the video public, please go see the after post of the meddling on the Youtube link. Else, below are the before and after pictures *smiles*             […]

. 说不出的悲伤 .

那个书桌,我肯定不会拿走,就让它在哪儿度过一辈子吧。。那个书桌的回忆,太令人伤心。。 刻着的歌词,也属于4年前4月2日的痛。原来回忆是那么痛苦、难忘的。。都不知流了多少夜的泪、喝了不知多少的酒~写下这些的时候,也刚是他离开我的第三个星期六。。不,是他背叛我的第三个星期六。。  这是你离开的第三个星期六面包我吃了两口啤酒还剩半升香烟我还是一包接一包地抽你搬走了以后我还会常常在你住的公寓底下等你下楼 现在是凌晨三点钟喝了点酒头有点痛寂寞的烟点燃空虚的夜暂时把心放空你晾的床单忘了收没烫的衬衫有点皱明天开始我将如何面对没有你的以后 在家里还留着你的衣服和散不掉的熟悉味道。。。 那些美好的画面反复在播送但心破碎了之后要怎么去拼凑baby babylove can be so beautiful只怪那一刻话说得太重所有的情节都失控baby babylove should be so beautiful你给的太多现在我才懂只有烟和酒陪伴的凌晨三点钟  对不起,是我给得太多。。是我让自己投入你所谓的幸福里。。我们,真的有幸福过吗? 现在是凌晨三点钟喝了点酒头有点痛你晾的床单忘了收没烫的衬衫有点皱明天开始我将如何面对没有你的以后  你的另一个她又开始向我炫耀你们的爱。。。sorry babe, i don’t think i need to know.. you may keep it for yourself.. 六个月后的那年。。你们俩把我当成垃圾桶~~就因为她终于要正式结婚了而他没了她。。  凌乱的房间里头还留着你的香味怎么也戒不掉你独特的笑容如果时钟倒着走我不会再让你走有些事情要绝望到底才能看得透 果然,好马不吃回头草。。但,我不是一匹好马。。。结果啊~~~现在伤了自己。。。怎么收拾?

. when it’s sudden .

It’s a pretty good week at work and in life too..Work is picking up~ There’s ups and downs, oh well~ the usual stuff that goes on in the business of production houses.Back to my point of finally posting a new post!Why was it good this week then?大猪called out of the blues. Just because he missed […]

. xmas memory .

Here it goes again… X’mas carols singing through the atmosphere, x’mas gifts displayed.. waiting to be bought and to be given on that special day. Why am i the only one who looks as if xmas is a bad omen? Once again i’m left with straying thoughts… All but one vivid thought, one vivid memory.. […]