A Late Night Conversation

Quiet Saturday evening with me meddling with an ex-Tiger bottle and Rainy Day Notes acquired after Pirate University’s graduation day: 

(sorry, did not make the video public, please go see the after post of the meddling on the Youtube link. Else, below are the before and after pictures *smiles*

IMG_3816  IMG_3822









Since the body, heart and soul had nothing to do – the hand took out a sketch pad and pencil and started sketching.. Thoughts about Wan and thoughts about us.

A sudden FB chat popped – Rae! So there you go, a quiet evening alone meddling with my DIY and sketches turned into a late night conversation with my ‘daimyo of the North’ – Rae.

While congratulating him on his engagement in Tokyo (yay! Congratulations once again Rae!!! ❤ ), we touched on personal development – which I, normally go through once in a while and in every of 95%’s training.

This time, it was about my graduation day for Pirate University – a training program organized by TBWA & CJ \ KL. He mentioned that he was jelly about me. Jelly about what?

“Well , that you can discover much. Im too chickenshit since the last time (The Samurai Game). I wonder if its because i might break”

I gave a thought after reading his reply via our FB conversation.

“you know, every time i end up going to such a training, I’m always afraid. Afraid to know if i wanna discover that much.. n if i did, wud i just break down n not want to do anything about it. but having ppl around u to reach out to, that makes a lot of difference”. This thought ran through my head when I first started out in Pirate University’s training, I was either too confident or too chickenshit to reach out for people. Yes, I was afraid.

“True. Problem is im not what you call “people friendly”. (you kidding me, Rae?! You’re one of the friendliest person I’ve met and have always kept in touch with – in a way).
My reply? 
“it takes time to know the ppl around u.. within that space. i guess, if it’s in an entirely new space, i usually do the ‘just do it lah’ attitude. watever comes out of it may b pretty, mayb ugly.. but at least i tried.. n along the way, u learn other things as well. n sometimes, some ppl will really surprise u when they approach u. bcuz they just didnt seem to give u that awesome vibe to connect with. speaking from 5.5 mths of pirate uni training.. i think itz the journey n awareness i had to thank for. in samurai training.. i dunno how i got by it.. most likely it was embracing one of the codes n hold on to it tightly.”
Fuh! I just had so much thought I didn’t even realize I had. How could I write more thoughts rather than just saying it out loud? Assuming it’s the peace and quiet I have in my mind now that is clearer. Mel oh mel, your head and heart does have a lot to say, no?
Not sure if it made sense to anyone who’s reading this now. But it made perfect sense to me, as I was reflecting on my experience and the awareness to acknowledge it now seemed so perfectly amazing! I wished and wished that such reflections would never die down. The courage for me to move on tougher and better no matter how beaten the path gets, really amazes myself. Can I push myself further then? I believe i can, let’s see how it goes then.
by the way, the final sketch:
She Sketches

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