. A Head A Day – Angry Birds .

So there I was, browsing through Facebook and i saw a new posting from Joe Tanaka who runs Toy-A-Day.

A new toy to play with this week! Angry Birds style. *nods*

Thinking of where to put, i realized that my kidnapped Lego man was sitting on is  isle like humpty-dumpty and with a grumpy face (expressionless, i could say)

I think all he could do was really, stare at me with his face.

Seems to me that he’s pondering why am i ignoring him.

Boo! You need a new face!







Hence, silly me downloaded the template from Joe on his blog and got Grumpy Lego Man a new face

Here you go, a new mask! =) So stop being grumpy!

I see that you’re no longer grumpy, but cheeky-looking!

Fancy a little make-over on your desk? You may get the PDF file from this link here! Now, go get an army of Angry Birds with you! May the force be with you!


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