. First Origiami Shirt + Tie .

I was never great or even good at folding things (except my clothes). Really, origami is my worst nightmare and still is! Can you imagine that i can’t even fold a proper Crane origami?

I guess all fears must be conquered and there i went, trying to fold this cute lil’ shirt + tie from a YouTube video i saw. Took me about 30 minutes to fold the entire thing, and additional 10 minutes to figure out certain foldings. (See, told you i was bad at origami!)

Oh well, it was worth the try and tadaaaa~~~~~~ my beautiful first Shirt + Tie origami! With RM10 note!

For those who wants to try this out, feel free to check out the instructional video here:

Enjoy the origami folks! Oh, please do share your favourite origami so that i may start working on perfecting my origami skills! =)


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