. how can Thai ads be so awesome? .

I’m sure we’ve all come upon watching great Thai TV commercial that you’ll laugh till you rolled on the floor, shed a tear that was true from the heart. Doing all these, when there was not even a subtitle (or very limited subtitle) to tell you what was the commercial about.

You understood truly from the way they conveyed their message, and felt it was close to heart. And then, you secretly think: i could have done that too!

oh, really?

Just the other day, during training that we did some little exercise. Each were given a piece of message to work on within a short span of time and to tell your audience, your exact message. And you thought it was as easy as playing Taboo? Oh boy, you’ve got to really play it to experience how hard it is to use words to describe that word you got! Imagine doing it with only grunting, expressions and body language! The whole training process took us 3 rounds to get even closer to our message, and yet: it was not even the exact message!

Key learning:

  • never assume that your audience will understand your message through your idea
  • be VERY single-minded on what you want to say
  • be VERY straight forward in what you want to convey

There are indeed more, but that was from what i learnt through the process.

How does this relate to my Thai commercials? Why were these commercials so true and close to the heart? They’ve done their job – they’ve found the one most important consumer truth that will make audience stop and watch, that reflects how they think. It’s true consumer insight, i tell you. A consumer insight that has the strongest truth and a product truth which relates to the consumer. After that, you’ll just need a bridge to bridge these 2 together. Easy you say? You just gotta try it to check if it’s easy or not.

So here, there’s this one commercial:

Oishi Slimming Greentea

For the women out there, it’s a norm to take a peek at the lady beside – to silently compare if you’re looking better than her, dressing better than her and all those little bits of checking to make sure you can tell yourself – OMG, thank God that God is fair! I’m ugly but she’s got this super huge bulge around her tummy! (in the current commercial’s context). T

Surprise surprise! When the bulge goes up to where a women should have, it immediately made the larger lady want to have similar effects! Oh well, that happens when you drink Oishi Slimming Green Tea!

There you go – 1 super strong product truth, 1 super strong consumer truth

Product truth (Oishi Green Tea) Burns fat faster than your average green tea product

Consumer truth (women) We are all image-conscious, even in the toilet (LOLZ)

Message: Oishi Green Tea helps you take away bulges from the wrong place (your tummy) and make you instantly the perfect woman admired by all (especially women).

Be my judge and tell me if i’ve gone wrong! Your feedback is important to me! =)

Other Thai ads for your indulgence:

Thai Health Board – Daily Exercise, the best prescription for a healthier life

Shera Flexy Board

Have a good week ahead peeps!


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