. A Toast to Myself .

It was a little squeak at first. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and took the plunge from the brink.

‘Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..!!!!’ Good enough. I got the knots all sorted out and I went bursting into tears I knew that will never stop for quite some time.

‘You did good, Mel.’ A pat on the back. Everything inside of me was flushed out and there I went, babbling through sobs.

It felt better. I didn’t know I had such an awareness, I found that deep knot in me which was hidden for so long and now it has been pulled out and sorted out.

Everything I did before this was all right again. I had so much courage now, summoned upon my awareness that I feel proud of having that in me.


We danced our hearts out, feeling every single beat, every movement and pulling everyone into our circle. I was amazed, I truly am – a group of unknown friends became even closer in a short span of 2 weeks.

I saw a clearer and better picture ahead. I saw wonderful people who would give their hearts out for their passion and I saw determination glittering in their eyes!
‘I see gifts of you of full passion, determination, courage and I see your true self.’

I know and I acknowledge that.

Thank you!

And I specially dedicate this post specially to those all at 95% Shanaz, Janet, Felicia, Jon, Hezni, Uzair, Yong, Amelia, Eileen, Jason, Asha and to my new self from a hidden mirror.


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