. A Duel to Save .

Such an adorable idea! Reminds me dearly of those kindergarten days where we use to swing each other up and down, see-saw style! And now it’s for you to have a duel with your partner or roomie or deskmate or buddy or bff to save up!

Introducing the Duel Saving Bank~ tadaaaaa….

This rocking saving bank turns saving into a game.

How? By throwing a little competition into the mix!!

Two compartments allow for the user to decide between the options: handbag vs. food, travel vs. restaurant…you choose your dilemma and can change your mind often since this white porcelain can be easily written on and erased over and over again…

The red silicone band slides on and off to make cashing a breeze. The middle partition shows in a playful way who is leading or which dream can be fulfilled first.

Let the game begin!

Interested in getting one as a gift? You may grab it here! Sleek Identity – Duel Saving Bank


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