. ah – ha – ha .

ola~ =)

i’m finally back here blogging again! mind the absence. not to mention, not many read my blog anyway!

work is hectic and tiring as usual! but loving it as always! proposals and pitches to finish up, quotations to amend and to approve. The effort of trying to close my sales asap is always the hardest! knowing that clients will take a long time to go through management, approvals, rejections, amendments, budget approval and all that sort!

Currently working on a project which involves BTL materials. Too much to finish and too much to amend. Clients are always right! *nods sadly* i try to keep my designer-critics inside of me, but somehow it manages to unleash itself and creates havoc somehow around the office, from my creative head to my designer and finally to the client! okay, i admit, i’m such a stubborn cow! =p

‘Nuff of work, back to personal happenings.

Bought my new baby, my Superheadz Wide Lens Camera Series 4 – Blue Ribbon! WOohoo~~~
oopz! mind the rotten black polish on my nails! should have brought my nail polish remover back home yesterday! too late! damage done! ahaha…

If you guys are interested in film cameras which doesn’t need much figuring out of the aperture, color and ISO settings, do visit The *Click* Shop! Adrian has the meanest collection of cameras which are selling at affordable prices! COD or Poslaju, it’s all up to you!

While you look through his online shop, I shall be busy snapping away in my new UWS tomorrow! =) Camping! At Bahau, Pahang! Thrilled with the camp expedition thought!

On another note, been busy picking up with my readings lately. My latest book at the moment?
Humourous insight of a guy who writes of his ex-girlfriends.. okay, am not done with the book, but you just gotta read it! =) Thanks to Hanna who loaned me the book!

Note that both these pictures are taken in the same way? With my ugly looking checkered clothes and fingernails! Thanks to the webcam! hehe… was kinda bored while waiting for time to pass by so that I can meet with some friends for gym! Trials.. trials… just trials at the gym! Don’t think am gonna be able to afford more than RM150 of membership fees every month.. =p

We’ll see how..

Do hope there’s more blogs from me from now on!

Oh yeah, SElamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! and have a lovely long-weekend peeps!


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