. when it’s sudden .

It’s a pretty good week at work and in life too..

Work is picking up~ There’s ups and downs, oh well~ the usual stuff that goes on in the business of production houses.

Back to my point of finally posting a new post!

Why was it good this week then?

大猪called out of the blues. Just because he missed my voice. Thank God he called too! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get hold of his number since I lost my bloody k770i.

OwWhH~ such a sweetie! The last ever Malaysian i met in Singapore before i came back to KL. Such sweet words, but as the chinese says, 口是心非. What do I really care about that? Just so happen that I was kinda in a bumped mood that day, he called. Made me feel rather lighter to hear a familiar voice.

Desmond messaged me on facebook. Despite of us not speaking to each other in awhile due to some arguements before i came back to KL. I suddenly told him I miss hanging out with him. Those sweet things, those gentlemen ways. The best is still his jokes which somehow encouraged me to stay on in Singapore at that time. Just before he went abruptly offline, he told me he missed those times too. *cloud 9~* woo hoo~ at least, im guessing he means it.

Well, if you’ve read my previous post, it took a drastic turn due to someone’s mouth and existence. I used to blamed him for being the person who ruined our (D and me) close friendship; not anymore, i assume, since i realised, things happened for a reason. I can’t blame anyone already. Pointless!

It’s making me miss Singapore even more at times. The personal life, not working life, mind you!

Then again, looking on a brighter side…
Work is definitely getting more interesting and challenging for me nowadays. The challenge to get work done based on impossible deadlines, the challenge to do everything! haha~ that, somehow seems quite (!) familiar~

Been working on my other place in Sentul. It’s a mess, a HUGE mess! And it’s taking longer than usual. Gosh! But i guess it’s gonna be pretty alright after im done with the place and when i move in! Let’s just count the generations of spiders that has crawled through the space, and the generation of cockroaches that are currently roaming the place. *goose bumps!*

Oh, dear Adrian, no worries, i’m still madly in love with you. Don’t ask me why~ it’s something just so mysterious between us. =.=

7 years… *faints*


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