. back for now .

congratulations to me!

yes, i’m finally at this space of mine, which has been left unattended, for… almost 4 months now. shame on me! *sighz*

sort of went through a few posts of mine, which well, is still in the draft box. ain’t sure if i’m gonna post it. somehow, some thoughts came to mind which kinda made me NOT want to post it, yet.

it’s already April 2009, and for your information, I’ve been back in KL since December 2008. That’s pretty fast. Had some adjustments made to my life, not as hectic nor as alcoholic as I used to be back in SingaLand. *thank GOd*

so, where am i? what am i doing? how am i doing?

needless to say, i’m grateful, for being able to get back into production line, which then, one of my second dream job. Not to say I’m in my dream job at the moment, just hoping, for that little sparkle or sign to drive me to that dream. There wouldn’t be much to say, since i’ve just started since February… work’s busy nontheless.

people around me are not too bad, i would say. learning things as i go and trying to capture every single experience i can get from this business. who knows, you would one fine day see my name at the credit of a movie, or my name up in CLIO’s TVC awards. *drEamS on* then again, who knows?

everything’s picking up fine for me since i came back. did i regret leaving singapore? i guess not, in a way. having to leave my work in singapore is good for my own sake and future’s sake. the only part i miss the most are the friends that i’ve grown to know and love over there.

shall try to update more often. hope my thoughts aren’t scattered around when i need to collect them properly.

till then~ ^^


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