. lil update .

so now, i haven’t been really been a good blogger lately. the fact of the lack of updates from me is due to……

. busy work schedule .
. been having night outings .
. been procrastinating with my updates .
. thinking of good things to post up .

let’s see… let’s start from last Saturday itself… (11th October 2008)… had a ‘sleeping day’ and ended up awaking from my beauty sleep around 4pm++~ did house chores.. yada yada~ then decided, where to go? Thanks to Teletubbie~ me ended up meeting him at Central around 6pm~ did some laughing at some Cosplay happening around that area. Mind me, it wasn’t me who started the laughing. It was him! Well, i may be open to all these cosplay thingys.. but i DO give my salute to them who actually dares to walk and travel by MRT dressed as their favourite anime/manga characters. But some are just, too…. overrated?! Thank GOD Teletubbie did not bring his cam out.. otherwise.. *cencored* … lolz!

Had a Fish & Chips dinner for S$7.90 at Fisherman’s Wharf.. chatted the way through dinner and laughing at each other’s way of eating habit.. Right, i hated vinegar on my dory fish, yet, he persuaded me (in a way) to try the the vinegar.. and mustard.. not too bad, not too bad… it was a rather big portion and kinda got me bloated! *damn!*

ended up walking and surveying ‘neon-lighted’ pubs from Clark Quay, to Boat Quay, then to Tanjong Pagar, then a lil of Chinatown.. the purpose? trying to find a place for a drink. and where did we end up at? Funnily, back at Clark Quay… at Harry’s Pub… great jazzy live band.. love her raspy voice, though i didn’t get her name. my badz!

Sunday… 11th october 2008.. erm.. ‘sleeping day’ again till 12pm++.. did the usual house chores then there comes Yuki, Tracy & David who came to prepare lunch! Vietnamese lunch! hoho~ i’m in for such a mouth-watering feast! lolz~ so the gathering of 5 Vietnamese (Yuki, David, Tracy, Hannah), 2 Singaporeans (Ben & Friend), 1 Malaysia (me) and 1 Chinese (Nana) started from 3pm++ for god knows which meal…Red wine and beer were a favourite at this party.. then there were hours of bantering… more drinking, and more drinking… and bantering.. gosh! this was going on for hours… =.=|| so it was a food and drinking day at home today..

Monday – 12th Oct 08… pool and drinks with Ben & Gracy at KG Pub.. the usual things. Had a few games of pool with the other guys there, won a few but lost too many… guess my skills sometimes fails me. But am still proud that i can still play and focus as i used to~

Tuesday – 13th Oct 08
A sudden invite from Brian (my hometown friend) to Bonkers at Craig Road.. I’ve totally no idea what kind of place was it. When i got there, there it was! Another pub… something like KG pub, but far, far livelier! i guess? loads of good songs being sung, and the singing was pretty decent, not like those… erm, trying to hard kind? A lot of songs from Gary’s Betrayal (bei pan). Had a couple of drinks and chatted with Brian most of the time.

And i just realised that he’s got a 7-yr old daughter who is absolutely cute! just like him! gosh.. unfortunately, things took a turn for his family and so, he’s here in Singapore, enjoying freedom and the $$ he earns here. I sighed a heavy sigh and thought, at least he’s making money, and i’m not making any at all. Wonder if it’s a sign from god to make me go back KL and work my ass off. *waves the thought away*

Headed off to Rumourz at Clarke Quay and continued the drinking and dancing. The whole place left me feeling that I’m back in KL once again..The kind where i used to frequent back in my younger days… *though i’m only 23 this year! yes, it makes me feel old…* Crowd was really quiet and only a few tables were taken. Good, I thought, since i can move around freely without getting bumped or shoved aside… Nothing much to say about being here. Just a comfortable feeling, with Brian and friends…

I guess i’m getting used to Singapore’s life afterall and feeling just so right at home…


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