. blind date .

Let me see, an anonymous sms saying that Ray was too shy to ask me out. Fine, let’s go out on Saturday night then, Ray, that anonymous fella (Kelvin) and me to St. James.

As expected, Ray is in MIA mode again. No biggie. To cancel the outing is fine with me, to proceed without Ray, it was fine with me too. *lolz* since i don’t have people asking me out on Sat nights anywayz~ *grins*

kayz then, a blind date it was! gosh, nerve-wrecking and excited. what if he runs away when he sees me? what if i’m a disappointment during the first meet? what if i did not give a good impression? sighz~ gal oh gal! i’m just thinking too much~ hoho~

it was a good experience, knowing that this fella is a gentleman and it’s hard not to notice how boyish looking he could be! *drools* oopz~ let me wipe the drool off!

dinner, or perhaps i should say, a light dinner at Barracks Diner, Dampsey Road.. one of his client’s place. Love the menu they have there! Overall setting is not too bad, looks classy enough for me to not go there.. Well, i just can’t afford such place! I guess? A glass of red wine in the restaurant and went to the outdoor seats for a smoke… And he claimed that i was growing a gold fish in my red wine. We talked a bit bout each others goals, life and dreams.. it was a good chat, though it gets a bit funny bout me sitting too far from him.. *grins*

Next stop? Sentosa! Cafe Del Mar at Siloso Beach! Heard it used to be one of the fav night spots in Singapore. But today, it was just.. dead? nonetheless, both of us were comfortably lying on those bed-sofa thingys.. looking up to the dark sky.. which were, just not having any blink of stars. only clouds were playing in the wind, changing shapes as the wind blew silently…

it was a good, relaxing blind date… never expected to give this sort of thing a try though..

imagine~ if we kissed? haha…

’nuff talk.. some stuff i took.. random pics, related to~ him! lolz lolz~


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