. big headed prawn .

busy busy day.

went for Raffles City (City Hall MRT) to find aunt for lunch and to pass her some stuff. crowded as usual, weekends! ended up at Food Junction and had Pepper Lunch… nasty food, compared to the branches.

rushed back home to prepare Dash for his visit to the vet. Gosh, it was a tough ride to and fro the vet. Dash is soooo not used to being in the carrier and in the cab that he kept struggling to get out of the carrier. And me, ended up with a scratch, ‘souvenir’ from Dash. =.=|| anyways, thank God it was just a tiny scratch!!

The Animal Doctors Pte Ltd. Located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. Great facility and friendly staff! Love the attention from Dr. Kathy and the receptionist! Well, the attention goes to Dash. Such a charming boy and yet mischievious! *sweats*

Well, what I learnt from Dr. Kathy was about his age. He’s rougly 3.5 months – 4 months and is moggy of DSH (domestic short hair) + Oriental. Sharp features on the head. Healthy, healthy boy! Most important, he’s so darn curious at everything! Weighing at 1.6kg. or was it pounds? Lolz! Got his deworming tablet and shall feed the other half of the table in 2 week’s time. Got his first vaccination done. Everything done! Pricing is reasonable, with all the consultation and jab and tablet, came up to S$48.

Got back home and once again, Dash was struggling to get out of the carrier on the ride back home. Naughty fella! I’m sorry that mummy has to put you through this.. you’ll get used to it! I promise! *snuggles up to Dash to tease him a bit!*

Changed his litter and food & water bowl, all fresh! And i’m ready to meet my aunt for a short shopping session at Far Eash Plaza, Orchard. Little did i realised, i locked my room door without remembering my house keys!

clever!!!! what a big headed prawn i am! =.=

cost me S$45 to get a locksmith to open my room door. gosh! better get a duplicate to be placed somewhere in the house. lesson learnt.

Dash isn’t feeling that well after the visit from the vet. He’s suddenly all so ‘manja-ish’ and purrs a lot. The normal side effect of the jab. Oh well, you’ll be snuggling with mummy again tonight my dear! Not to mention, Dash kept disturbing me with his tail since he wasn’t feeling well enough to crawl over me all night.

Sweet sweet Dash! ^^

Pictures of him being so still after the jab~ poor darling…. *muakz*


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