. i wonder… .

so many things has been happening recently…

from home, to singapore.. to work, then to personal life.. back to friends…

what am i really doing here in Singapore? am i really able to chase my dreams here? Or rather, would i be even able to touch even the slightest of my dreams?

How and where. When and how. Where and when. When and where.

I’m missing out everyone’s life. What the hell am I doing anyway?

Or am i just uninvited to everyone’s life. or so, i feel that way.

Life is different now. Very.

Now and then, there’s a pause. or rather, a stop.

Am already picking up life; thus the next question would be: where do i want to go?

cookie is back in KL. been missing cookie for so long! the last i’ve seen him was… at 1U, a day he was dued to head back to HellHole (Pakiland)… the worst being, cookie lost that hand-sewn cat i gave him!! *sighz*

cookie oh cookie~ hope you’re feeling much better after resting and getting your medication from… your dad? or yourself? almost forgotten you’re almost a doctor yourself! *hugz*

thoughts running around~

i miss you.. yes, you! i know you read my blog… though i just found out recently. things has been rocky for us.. very… sometimes i still wonder, is there still love? or is it just pure habitual. not even sure for myself.

i rather, i should, have taken that road right from the time i decided to hop on the bandwagon of M’sians to work in Singapore.. it feels painful to know, to feel, to suspect, to hear… or even to think.. bout the past. wait, it has been happy most of the times in the past; then again, the unhappy past, can lead to so many misunderstandings, so many tears, so many anger, so many hurt…

thoughts running around again ~

been quite troubled with the fact that i haven’t got around my weakness in designing.

like a kid running in circles, chasing nothingness.


an abrupt ending.


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