. graduation day! .

i know.. it’s been a week and i haven’t uploaded graduation pictures!!! here they are!

btw, it wasn’t a great dinner. lolz… RM90 per person is really killing me!

disappointment of the day: i received nothing but my ‘certificate’. what?! no gifts? not even a flower picked from the roadside for me? geezzz… anywayz….

Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya:

did i mention? we went clubbing again, instead of the intended drinking at Borneo… *sighs*..
then again, we met these 2 beautiful ladies and a handsome chap! okok, they’re my classmates.. it’s surprising that after graduating, we actually got together(coincidently) and had loads of fun!

*evil grin*

enjoy the pics~! taken at Coco Banana, Sunway:

the yam cha session with Kevin and gang at Taj Curry House, Sunway:

Shoutouts to:
The Bong Family
Black Cat
3 dudes from ad48 (sorry, cudn’t remember your names… my bad!)
Teck Chee


i finally found friends whom i can really call friends.. ^^


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