. desk mate oh! desk mate .

ever wondered, where has your desk mate gone to? or do you still remember the first day you walked into this strange classroom and picked a random person to sit next to?

or, your sad sad teacher thinks the class is too young to decide for themselves where to sit that she has to arrange seating for the students. pathetic.

wait, i’m talking about secondary school choices.

mine was, anywhere i cant sit! 3rd or 4th row i can’t remember.. but how did i end up with this desk mate, i ain’t so sure!

pathetic lil’ me was kicked back into an all girl’s school when i was 16. mum said it was due to me being ‘uncooperative’. heck! it was called rebellious! mummy doesn’t know it, i assume.

2 years in that particular school. nothing could stop me from playing truant with studies, only volleyball and friends.

End of story right after graduating from that school. Thank God!

What made me suddenly talk about this topic anyway? What was the point here, hello?

Right! The very first X’mas card. from my old desk mate in that girl’s school! Holy cow! Amazingly, no one bothered to send anything to me. First, I wasn’t really bothered. What bothered me then? Seeing her card and the feeling of almost wanted to slap mylsef came. Why didn’t i post back? Ain’t too sure. The usual procrastinating, till it was X’mas no more. Then, the need of sending the card was not there.

The card still came! After a few years. OMG! I can’t believe it.

Then there was Friendster and MSN. Then the contact was there.

Till today.



Thanks for the good chat. For the good ol’ memories of us being desk mates. The squabble over a small thing and the cold war. Who broke the silence? It was funny and childish, yet it was a damn good memory.

The statement ‘we all have the same thing! what differs is the size and color!’


Definitely a good one! Why hadn’t I thought about that?!

It’s good to know she’s doing well and adapting to life’s changes. It feels so homely now. Though i might be in Singapore at the moment.

It’s good to know that someone still cares about you even if it didn’t occur to you to send a small note of thanks.


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