. lingering thoughts .

i just read your msn message.

it hurts a lot, ever since i told myself that i would let it go. it just feels unfair for me, at the mean time.


what the heck am i thinking anyway?

thank God it was raining… at least it didn’t show it was tears or raindrops on my face… never wanted to show you the crying side of me..

though it’s not meant for me…but i’ve already seen you crying,Kiam Tat, long long time ago, once upon a time at the playground behind my house…it hurts me so to still see it in my memories..

for the first time you showed me the face of a crying boy…for the first time you showed me what was love and security.

then you took it away from me…

sighz.. i guess i will never understand how you feel now.. it doesn’t really matter a lot too me now…

let me try to let it ALL go…

how true it is, first love just doesn’t die as fast as you expect…

my current love?

……. having doubts……


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