. jie-rism .

tuesday. 18 March 08. a historical day in my life, in singapore, in this specific company.

a courage where it took me a whole day to prepare. a decision that took me 3 months to decide.

well, that’s it! got the guts to tender my resignation letter and which i shall terminate my services from this specific company officially on 31st March 2008. Of course, unofficially, I shall be attending work.. on thursday!

a full, long weekend to rest and calm my mind down. which then I shall walk into a new office and environment, and a position that I have so wanted to pursue after graduating in August last year. It wouldn’t be my dream job yet I can say. Nor it is a hell job. Unless you want to start comparing the time I get off from work.

I guess both my superior and boss and other colleagues has understood and was ready for my resignation. It bears them no loss at all and why should I waste MY time anymore? Once there’s no point for me to grow in this position, I evaluate and balance and rethink of what I shall do. Sales isn’t a part of me and I shall emphasize, that it would never be a part of me. I was never good at it.

Then it came to me, I am good at another point of view in advertising.

My next to conquer and to find out, would be: What is my Advertising Philosophy?

It takes time to learn and to know, since I have only been in this industry for such a short, short period. Don’t mistake me for giving up in advertising, I am just giving up on trying to make Sales in advertising, just because I know i won’t be good enough in the eyes of others and myself in sales.

Decision has been made and has been done. No turning back, just walking forward into a new environment. A new challenge for me mentally and physically; to get back on track where I’ve left it unwillingly.

On a lighter note, it would be a long weekend for Singapore this week.

A gal’s night out I would say, only the 3 of us stooges… VH tai kar jie and Jo jie… *sniggers* and me, the youngest gal… (*lols* i DO take pride in being youngest…haha~)

So it was Boat Quay? Clarke Quay? Jo jie said it wasn’t a problem, but when VH jie and me found a place decent enough to sit, chill and chat, there came Jo saying it wasn’t a good place. WTF?! Jo was on the phone when both of us gals were trying to figure out the place to hang out. Jo mouthed: anywhere. So it was anywhere in Boat Quay!

For Christ’s sake.. it wasn’t. Lolz.. after a few rounds of getting some nice screwings from VH and me, Jo finally said to go: Sommerset. For good old live band at Acid Bar. It wasn’t at all that bad! I did not have any complains.. The couple who sang that night was good, though not good enough, Jo said.

The best part of it all, songs dedication to me! Lolz.. had a surprise and it was so sweet of Jo! Jo added a ‘love you’ and it was so touching for me. Knowing that Jo and me weren’t particularly close in the office due to some reasons.. it was totally different to know these two gals, VH and Jo out of office.

SO there came this Jie-rism, which then I took full advantage and tortured Jo out of it.

We made a pinky promise: 25th June 2008 to go Bali!

No breaking promises gals! =p

Oh, how can I live without you gals! *hugz*

Thank you for the sweet, quiet, pleasant night!

Love you gals too! *smiles*


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