. daniel .

sorry for not updating in quite awhile.

soulless has been busy doing some soul searching over the past few weeks… yet fails to find her soul, YET.

met up with Daniel yesterday along Orchard. just a little information, Isetan in Wisma Atria is NOT the only ONE in Orchard.. there’s another one at Shaw’s House.. which was why I was walking like a mad soul around Isetan Wisma Atria to actually search for Bobby Brown’s counter in Isetan.


Half an hour later, he called to finally say, “the McCafe is at Shaw’s House, is that anywhere near you?”

A sudden thought… WTF?! How can I be so dumb to assume that Orchard has only ONE Isetan?!! *dish!* i slapped my forehead.. almost knocking out thoughts from my soulless brain.

Met a new friend, PC~ my ‘si fu’ in copywriting! I’m sooooo very the excited…. hopefully, i’ll be able to dig and absooooooorb aaaaalllll the information and skills she has… *prays so haard!*

Thanks Daniel for everything.. the inspirations..the recommendations.. and thank you for giving me the enthusiasm to pursue in my dreams again..!


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