. wishes . thank you all! .

happy birthday to me! =p

happy 23rd birthday to Ee Ling~~~~~ God Bless you gal~~

note to all and myself, never to go Bar Celona anymore!!!!!!

a rather large shoutout to:
Cheryl, Douglas, Albert, Po, Wei Ni, Po’s Sis.. (sorry, didn’t get her name!), Sue Ann, Megat, Kevin, Ryan, Kuan, Weng, Weng’s Gal, Ashley, Kenny, Douglas’s gang of friends.. and especially Alexander(!(@&(@$%#!)..

thank you all for coming that night, i know it was rather unpleasant with the place, the situation where there were no more glasses and no tables and yada yada.. and especially the stupid raid!!!!

nonetheless, im glad you all came.

Alexander, im hating you ! just because you didn’t do as you promised! other than the fact you came as a surprise that night. then again, you broke your promise!! disappointed, i couldnt get to you.. sighz…

im once again preparing to get back to Singapore.. it’s kinda sad, leaving again… it feels so homely back home in KL, none of Singapore’s memory ever came back to me, not even once.

My promise to you, I’ll be back as soon as possible just to be with you… if all turns out well for me..
My promise to you, that nothing shall stand in our way anymore..
My promise to you, that these promises are for real…


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