. nyek .

something worth hugging Kelvin so tightly the next time i see him.. this was what i saw in facebook accidentally.. in one of the applications…

Kelvin threw you across the room with one punch
Kelvin said: “gambateh!!!! CATS supporting u ya!!!!”

You seared your fingerprints into Kelvin’s bones
You said: “nyek nyek nyek….”

it was quite awhile ago when he sent this.. all i could remember was the time, 3.33am.. must be working the whole night, as always. and there i was, revenging the punch with such cruelty..

it never trigger me he’ll say such things.. what a sweet sweet friend! and all i would do was always bullying him and Ernst.. deng! i suddenly feel so bad.. *knocks myself on the head*

and im missing them all at Cats Photo House now…especially those 2 monkeys.. and that man ! Chris! lolz.. my dad and mummy, Elaine~~~~~~~~~ so miss you all…


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