. bloated .


oopz! excuse mwa.. ate too much.. thank god dinner is on the company.. since i had to OT to get some artworks done for the Health & Wellness exhibition comin this friday till sunday… so many artworks, so many corrections, so many mistakes. I wonder if i ever become an editor one day, would this happen to me? will i get all blurred?!

still waiting for the final amendments.. it’s earlier than yesterday. but as time ticks by, it feels as if ive to share a cab home tonight..

a friend asked me about the lost of confidence in myself. how can i explain? perhaps he doesn’t really know me well yet.. perhaps i’ve no answer to that question he asked. it’s just a feeling that is unexplainable, then.

there is a friend whom i can talk to, but it’s just rather hard to get him out, since he’s always busy.. there are others as well, but why should i be so selfish in disturbing others having their own time?

KokoCrunch has been wondering about my disappearance from his mobile call and message list recently. Thanks for the sincere thing.. appreciate it.. but i know, nothing will ever happen… ^^ right?

it’s blardy cold in the office now.. an ice cubicle. just so feel like getting this heater and put it right beside me. perhaps a cup of To-Go Venti Vanilla Latte from Starbucks would do some good in making me feel a bit warmer.. *sniggers…*


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