. working late .

Not sure why does everyone dread Mondays. I used to dread, from primary school, secondary school.. But not anymore… there’s a satisfaction in looking forward to a Monday. Still gotta figure out why is Monday such pretty to me… *ponders and ponders..*

It’s 9.20pm, 12 hours and 20 minutes since i came into the office. Devotion to work? Devotion to the perfection of the copy for my client’s artwork? I have no idea. What makes me stay so strong? How long can I withstand these hours?

Was having a long thought over the weekends.. i shall choose not to work as an AE when I’ve got kids.. it’s unhealthy, unless i can go back early and take care of their well-being. Now i understand why one of my lecturer quit her well-paid AE job to be a guest lecturer at TOA instead. Of course, that is i ever have kids or want kids!

I wonder how is everyone doing over there back in KL? I wonder if Piggy Sakai is still the same person? The bubbly and cute girl.. and if she received my Xmas gift i posted to her? How is Cheryl coping with work now? Is she still working in the same dreadful place? I miss these 2 specially.. just because for the first time in life, I’m able to click so well with girls. Don’t get me wrong..I’ve got girl friends.. just that it’s hard to find the same sex who has got that click with me. Or perhaps im just too choosy?

I just wonder.. and i miss ’em..not to mention.. Mushroom..who’s still working in China.. how are you there gal? Hang on and be strong!

Can i?


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