. 3 weeks .


i’ve came to a conclusion where i realised i’ve lost all confidence.
the weekends weren’t weekends for me, it was company training week. Leading Organization Training. Glad in a way that I was called for this, unhappy due to some things that came up on Saturday night where a few of my colleagues saw tears rolling down my cheeks. I did learn, but practicing it may seem hard and reluctant.
It’s a small matter, really. To me, it’s big and influential in how people view me from that incident onwards. Confidence level: less than 40%.
Again, it was KokoCrunch who consoled me the whole week. It feels comfortable to let it all out to him. The nagging may seem neverending, but i somehow feel thankful, at least, there’s someone who cares. That is what he says… still thankful, no doubt.
In 3 weeks time, 22 days time, to be exact, I’ll be heading back to KL for a week long of Chinese New Year. Not to mention there’s Valentines’ to celebrate(if there’s a date to go with) and my birthday. Gosh, i’ll be 23 this year. for once, i don’t want to think about the age. it’s scaring me…

updated my desktop. lolz… thanks to Ernst for giving me that silly yet cute Save the Alien invitation on FaceBook.


at least, a way to cheer myself up? ^^


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