. randomness .

random thoughts…

. can i call in for a half day leave?
. will my fav psp be my least fav from a month from now?
. why did he call me this morning?
. can i finish my 1 year’s contract in this company? despite of the troubles here?
. will i have any future in this company?

are these random thoughts? or are these troubled thoughts? i somehow can’t feel or see the difference of anything already.

i guess there’s this thin fine line i’m ignoring…

im running around my problems over and over again. this sucks. it’s like this everyday.

thank you, for listening to my problems for the last few days. i realised i was just repeating it to you everyday. *sighs* thank you, for the advices, the drinks, the laughs you’ve given me…

let’s look at something else.. my desktop picture..for instance..

can you feel my mood yet? or how i feel currently?

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