. 2008 .

Happy New Year!

I know, i’m a week late to wish everyone this… Been busy with work and all that.

A new year, in a new place. A new resolution to be made… What’s yours?

Celebrated with a friend. Didn’t go to any fancy place for this celebration. Somehow, I didn’t felt the mood and occassion for it. Probably due to me feeling lonely in this strange island…

Let’s sort of list down my New Year’s resolution… :

1) Less smoking till i can cut it down

2) Be more productive at work!

3) Learn to save $$ more (first by cutting down my fags..!)

4) Stay at home more often!

5) Try to keep in touch with friends in M’sia… (i suddenly feel sad)

This is all i can think of at the moment, no point listing a damn long list and realize by the end of the year that i have not done not even one of it. Been doing good at cutting down the number of fags I’ve been smoking, due to the fact that I’ve been keeping myself busier during working hours and to lessen the chance of me being outdoors to smoke.

I’ve started a rather sad attitude this year, being lonely and quiet most of the time; unless i really need to entertain clients or some people. Sad, isn’t it? For those who knew me.. it’s surprising… really?!

Feeling so uncertain at times lately… of what im doing…

Lost again.. sighs.. soulless oh soulless…


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