. going,going,gone… .

as expected.. i have this feeling, that i have been chosen as a scapegoat. for all the happenings.

one thing you’re supposed to tell the truth, the next, you’re being toss on the table for sacrifice.

no one has said a word, but i somehow felt that.

you may think i have been busybody. that was why i asked previously. and then i was told to spit it out. and now, look where has it landed me. what’s the point of being protective over someone i love so much??

disappointed by you. maybe you have changed, for the better or worst, i have no idea. or maybe i have changed, for the worst. maybe what he said was correct, he doesn’t know you anymore. does he still feels that way? i think i’m feeling that way.

or i just don’t know who am i anymore. just a scapegoat, right? wrong?


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