. run with me .

loneliness is catching up. i feel its breath breathing down my neck with a chilly note of air…

my breath freezes everytime… a sudden notion for me to stop down to catch some breath.

“no…don’t stop!!! It’ll catch up on you as soon as you stop!”

the voice in my head screams out every so loudly. the devil and the angel of me standing comfortably on either side of my shoulders. Enjoying every single minute I struggle to escape from loneliness.

the devil of me was persuading hard in my left ear. potruding me with its sharp fork.. “let loneliness come to you, invite it in your life, embrace it with your heart and soul…”

the angel of me kept distracting the devil with its sweet melodious harp.. hoping that I would not hear a word the devil said… “dear, dear girl…run away from loneliness, remember 3 years back? don’t let loneliness and depression take you over…”

it’s a hard decision to make. cold sweat broke, sweaty in my palms, nervous and undecidable.

however tempting and easy it is to listen to my devil, i felt, no difference. no one will pity me. the hardest is always doing and being good…

my world is sort of crumbling into pieces where it left me alone to pick up the pieces bit by bit, piecing it all together to form my own world again. i realised, how easily i break. like a chinadoll so fragile, but not pretty at all.

what’s there to my existence then? pointless…


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