. troubled thoughts = dilemma .

have you ever wondered what should you do if you found out your friend’s boyfriend is actually a jerk?

what if you found out that both sides of the story tallies and you have the guilt all of the sudden? the dilemma of to tell or not to tell. to tell means you might be doing something good (if your friend accepts), or you might be doing something bad (interferring with your friend’s personal life); to not tell means you’re ignorant and inconsiderate as a friend, or you’ll be doing yourself and your friend a good favor.

i’ve been troubled since the day i found out some rather ‘interesting’ things. worst, i couldn’t sleep well yesterday night due to some disturbing information i found out and saw.

it’s been hard for me.

why should i be such a busy body you might ask..

just because i care?

is that wrong?

somehow i need someone to talk to… just to clear my mind off things….

how i wish cheryl was here.. or i was back in kl…

.. i hate myself ..

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