. bus, oh bus .

a long ride this time, back to Singa Land…

as i sat at my 5A single seat, i felt loneliness drowning me. luckily, i was not suffocating, YET.

time flew past me since the day i stepped back into kl.

i was doing that thing again, that memory flashback. the faces, the places, the scenes, the emotions… like a slideshow whooshing through, unable to pause it, even for that few seconds.

i think i have changed in a way. i’ve become more wild within. a hunger that i’m trying hard to hold back, just because i know i will be too greedy.

. and shall end up rotting in the dry, dry dessert .

thank you to Christopher Low, Kelvin Chan.. for lunching and yam cha-ing with me on friday at sunway.. not to mention, i miss you both so much and that ffk fella, Ernst… =.=

thank you all who came on Sat at Flam, SUnway…
Junnie, Cat cat, Jane, Cheryl, Cheryl (yes, the same name), Kidman, another gal friend of cheryl chua’s that i forgotten (sorry!!!).. yet the name lingers lightly in my head.. (Argh!), Kevin, FeiHai…

thank you for the hugs, the noise, the sarcasm, the Bombay Sapphire, the flaming lamboghini, the graveyard, the ciggies, the dances…

thank you Ayob, my big friend, and Elaine Lee who brought most of us in without cover charge.

you made me teared, for being sick, dear Alexander, that you still came all the way from Sri Petaling. your hug has been comforting to me.. once again…

God bless ya’ll!

Bon Sro Lanh Oon…


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