. another week .

time flies. it has been a month since i left kl to pursue my career here as a business executive.

wouldn’t say life has been better nor has my salary kept me enough to buy additional things i want, only ample to pay off what i need and debts i owe my aunt, for supporting me financially throughout the month of October.

a date with Monkey tonight. not a date, it’s just an outing to MOS (Ministry of Sound). not sure where is that. gotta make sure my mobile has enough memory and battery to accommodate my findings for tonight at this new night place. and of course, hoping to find it enjoyable enough.

it’s less than 5 days for me to return to kl for a short holiday. so many people and friends to meet, so many things to eat and to do, so many places that i yearn for enjoying my short holiday; yet so little time.

as if i’m running a 100m race with time. except, that time and me is so close together, not even sure who would win. then again, no pressure surfaced and i shall not succumb myself to such disaster.

will be back to post pictures of tonight.. hopefully!


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