. oktoberfest .

so it was a blast, to me. for the first time in my life, im participating in this event.

door tickets were sold at $49. inclusive of a mug of good beer and a Bavarian meal set. the food was… just okay, i guess. did not tempt me much.

didn’t take much pictures though.. due to me enjoying myself too much till i forgotten that i needed some pictures for my blog. Luckily, RS and SH took some pics and recorded some videos. Just need to get it from them..

did i mention?

people there are friendly.. extremely! and there were groups of people, ordering a 3 litre tower (it’s in a super huge glass), passing around among friends, challenging friends to take gulps and gulps of the good beer down their belly. $72 per tower.

wait, let’s not convert it into RM, savvy? it’s pretty much the price and to compare it with the taste of the beer, absolutely worth it!

did i mention too?

that i was crazily dancing with this guy in red shirt. wait, i can’t recall his name. it doesn’t matter. i enjoyed it. to top it up, his ang mo friends were good looking too! *laughs* at the dance floor, from strangers not touching each other while dancing, we all hooked up and made this big circle and danced to the rhythm.

music selection was not too bad and the band who sang was extremely lively and humorous!! doing the ‘ush ush‘ thing on stage, pulling audiences up to the stage to demonstrate and getting response throughout the hall. it was definitely worth going to see such scene!

thanks to RS for ‘saving’ my ass from red shirt guy.. haha.. as he didn’t allow me to go back so early. i was going to work on the next day, so yeah, i have to respect work! and go back early!

thank you to RS, CL and SH for taking me out and made my night at Clarke Quay an enjoyable one! of course, thank you for the ride back home too!


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