. mixed .

a pang of pain. and yet a feeling of happiness.

she found someone sweet and nice, and our so called 4th person has finally emerged.. *laughs silently*

life has been good. been trying to socialize with colleagues a bit after work, trying to.. it’s hard as i know i wont be too sure of what to say. knowing what and when to say things about work would be one thing i’ve to be really cautious of. office is too small to NOT have gossips. then again, am not bothered.

this morning’s rain poured down and made me frustrated a little, why the heck did i not buy that umbrella yesterday?

a good samaritan, after our smoke under that little shade, offered me to share the umbrella to my office. thank god, otherwise i’ll be stuck there like some ‘dungu’… lolz..

yesterday i had some good time, flirting with one of this guy.. lolz.. for the first time, i did not simply give my number away..

no point i guess. lesson learnt.

my heart still feels prickly and hurts a little.

have this urge to go on and bury my head in work.

wait, i don’t blame you, nor him. i blame myself. wait, i’m not that attached to that feeling. it might just seem like a streak of lightning bolt hitting my head.

and them im awake.


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