. going going gone .

she viewed me. n i saw, it was her. his so called ‘apart for 6 months already’ girlfriend.

nothing much. don’t think it would affect me much. i think… i can see fishy 6 feet under, or perhaps, given to someone else, or maybe to her… *sighs*

life has been great. on a lighter note.

experienced Singapore’s weekend life a bit with Adrian since friday till yesterday…

.Hotel 81 Palace. do not ever get a room at this place or any hotels related to this name, especially at Geylang area. Unless you’re the kind who feels thrilled about seeing prostitutes prying on men walking along the alleys… Weird glances and all from people at that area when i walked passed with him back to the hotel. wait… they think i’m?!!! what the heck!

heavy rain splashed upon the earth early on saturday morning.

as if knowing it has been stained with sins and all the lust… waters gushed down into the gutters that tries to push all the sins away..

Sentosa’s trip was pushed to a later hour where the both of us were kind of struggling to catch a bus ride to VivoCity… it wasn’t as good as i thought it would be… nonetheless, it was with him i longed to be enjoy the weekend with.

Pictures were taken with his mobile as a forgetful me left my precious Nikon digicam at my place… *sighs*

Maybe an update of pictures will be done soon.. it will won’t be soon before long.. i hope?


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