.zouk spore.

it was time for me to meet up with Monkey Jon… 3 years of not seeing and only contacting through msn was nothing for me, as we weren’t really close. Then again, a weird sense came through me that i needed to see this guy and thank him for what he has told me a few years back at the comp lab.

No harm done if i were to hop over to Phuture, Zouk S’pore to have a short catch up with Monkey…

on another hand, i gave an aeroplane to a friend of mine whom i recently befriended here in Singapore. no biggies, he lives nearby me, so i guess the both of us could still arrange for another ‘yam cha’ session.

A total new scene felt by me as i stepped around famous Jiak Kim street for its nightlife.

11pm. and i can already see dudes and duddettes being carried out like corpses… in KL, you’ll never see that till the clubs closes… aside from pubs though!

A nice clean hug from Monkey and i was hushed along to the entrance where the queue was the usual self, long. There’s this thing i like about this place, you have a bag counter and bag checking. Easier for the girls who seems to have trouble holding on to their little totes and purses. A challenge for girls (like me) who wears dress and does not seem to have anywhere to stuff my belongings such as a mobile phone. Lucky for me, Monkey offered me the pleasure but then again, i think i’ll just hold it on myself.

Phuture played futuristic R&B music, i know i forgotten the actual term and the DJ’s name.. (my bad). It was a mixed of ups and down rhythms and i kinda yawned.. sorry, it’s possible due to a week’s load of work.. got a slight punch on my cheek when Monkey saw me yawned.

He’s just that adorable big brother figure that you know you’ll enjoy hanging out with.

I wouldn’t rate the night’s outing due to some unforeseen circumstances that happened which cut the night short.. perhaps somewhere in the future that Monkey will include me in his night outings.. *laughs*


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