im finally in the land beside malaysia. Singapore.

nothing’s really been settled down, other than accomodation and work. My phone line here is still pending, as i need to get back to office to check everything, including my medical check-up and work permit. I really didn’t know it would be troublesome to work here… i suddenly feel like those foreigners, not expat…

lonely sunday…

aunt’s working…

went to Dhoby Ghout to get some stuff done, went to PageOne to browse through books, my eyes were so blurred by the time i got to the chinese department, why does Malaysia not have such good book stores? Great, i’m starting with the comparison already. Somehow or rather, i was roaming around Bugis area on a weekend, it’s packed with people as usual it happens everywhere on the weekends… The flea market has bargains.. and there’s this stall where they sell beautiful chinaware, sadly, i had not camera with me… will try to post pictures about it the next weekend.. if i get out.. lolz~ ^^

i miss you guys…

june, cheryl…. especially!!! was just chatting with a friend today on the way back home about clubbing and drinking, instantly, my thought came back to both these girls…love you both… *hugz* and *muakz*

of course, there’re a few more…. won’t say so much though… =p

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