. last 5 days .

Here i am, trying to figure out what to do next while i wait for my japanese drama to finish loading..

darn the connection, this sucks! i really can’t imagine what i’ll do when i get to singapore.

A little insight about my journey to Singapore then? Basically it’s a small advertising firm i’ll be working in, nothing related to what i’ve studied at TOA, but then again, i DO hope that i’ll learn the basics of an advertising firm. A year’s contract that i supposed, the salary would be just ample for me to survive in Singapore for a year, included my allowance, rent and initial needs of mine…

There’s people whom i know i’ll miss while im away in Singapore. True enough, it’s not really that far from KL but then again, the thought of having to leave all these wonderful people behind while i get myself into a new environment hurts me the most. Who shall i turn to then when i’m in need of companionship?

Loneliness is all i can feel for now… though close friends will accompany till my departure, but then again, the heart yet longs for something else…


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