.last few days.

it feels all weird now…

less than a week before i depart to Singapore for work. it isn’t far from kl, but then again, no matter how far the distance could be, it’ll always bring the heart to remember and miss all…

the last two nights has been fun.. Sotong was there to fetch us girls for light dinner at the Apartment. Didn’t take much, gastric been bothering me for the past week and i guess it shall be worst…

To Flam we went and memories flooded back… it was hard to breathe at first, like gushing memories pouring out from a small, narrow bottleneck. No matter how much i tried to gulp down the amount of beer in front of me, there still wasn’t that tipsiness in me. Sotong was right, what he told me.. that im still young.. (haha.. he’s the same age as me and tells me that.. but he’s matured.. in a way!) i’ve just gotta take things easily…

why have i been so easily depressed lately?

on a lighter note,

thank you Sotong for that wonderful dedication…cheeky you! haha… was it a coincidence that the song was my favorite? i guess it should be, never told him that… song in my head, Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson… thankz again Sotong! *hugz*

counting down …6 days…


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