.the other side of me.

So well, i hadn’t been here for quite some time. Neglected this place for some outings, interviews and a job that I have just acquired this morning.

Anyhow, went through some interesting blogs that I will soon place the links on my page.

It is not a tag but somehow, there is an urge within me to write about this. here it goes…

1. I have no interest in the following activities:
sculpting (my sense of 3D-ness is not enough, therefore, skipped!)
glass blowing ( not enough breath.. is it so? naah, it’s the heat! but i remember seeing this old man along the streets of Venis, Italy showing his perfect skills. so tender and yet so powerful..)
marker visuals ( probably i don’t have the skills or patience required!)
game designing ( don’t think i can ever think of RPG ones especially! i suck at playin’ them!)

2. Would love to try these things:
learning the art of tattooing and to draw impressive tattoo designs!
sewing, anything! of course, i would love to sew stuff that i could give at gifts!
using my hands to make crafts and gifts! knitting and crocheting would be a wonderful idea.. *beams*
scrapbooking. that is, once i find proper inspirations and to stop the procrastinating bug to die off.

3. I do or have dabbled in these things:
acrylic painting, which really tests my patience…
digital painting using photoshop.
the art of Wicca.. not really playin with spells, but just love the mystic of this art.
tarrot card readings.
corporate identity design. it’s fun to start from sketch and get my head working!
photo manipulation. this is where i start to annoy people at times. well, that was last time.

4. Love it! These are my things:
Photography! my love, my life. though it’s only a typical digital camera, im still grateful!
Writing.. copy writing. i do hope that i have the gift, otherwise, i’ll work and learn it by myself! nothing can stop me from writing!


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