.bday.a religious.

Happy 24th Birthday Kiam Tat. The best of all wishes to you.

How long was it? 4-5 years?

6 months relationship and i needed 4-5 years to forget you… in a way. Your birthday was always special to me.

The last time i ever handmade a card, the title ‘Happy Birthday’ in chinese was made by twisting wires together. My fingers blistered but it never did bothered me. Remember that our usual meet up place was at McDonalds beside Central Market? It still bothers me to see that place now. *laughs* those sweet sweet memories…

The first time of meeting you at the KTM at Serdang. The long walk to Mines Wonderland.. and soft drinks we drank that made me felt cold… and your warm hand just held on to mine to pass on the warmth. It was then i felt that tingling sensation running through me and the adreanaline that rushed up cheeks.

For the first time i blushed.

Then it began. A wonderful 6 month relationship that i never took granted for.

The long bus rides to and fro home and destinations.. the long walks…

Our virgin dating experiences… *laughs* yeah, we were both the 1st of each other.

The usual meeting place at McDOnalds… the first and last birthday celebration at Sunway Pyramid. It was at Dave’s Deli. It’s no longer there… does this mean i have to keep up with time and to forget that particular memory?

It was so new to us and it felt so right to be together till the family and friends matter came as a problem.. We left each other without saying a word.

The first ever guy to cry in front of me, hugging me ever so tightly… just because he was afraid to loose me. I saw the sincerity in those glassy eyes. and those eyes are the only ones i’ll ever believe till now…

It’s the 7th year wishing him birthday wishes. 6th year wishing him through text messaging.. i wouldn’t know when this religious bday wish would stop..

Maybe the end of this would to hand him one last handmade card.. since it started with that…

All the best my dear, dear friend… Though we may never see each other again.. I shall always miss you deep in my heart…

God bless…



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