a moment of silence…a candle i shall burn for you in my heart…

i tried not to cry infront of cheryl. it would look embarassing.

the news came as a shock as sadness overwhelmed me.

i shall miss you, dear dear Fendi..

it was unfair to only see you a few times, and then you flew back.. not knowing you will never come back, nor wake up..

it was unfair to know that Lynn would have to live alone, adjusting to life, knowing that you’ll never be there for her physically. Lynn, Fendi will be there for you in your heart. Be strong and stay cheerful…

it was unfair for you to lay there, waiting for Him to lead you back home…

but, knowing that you are now back with Him, knowing that you have left all pain and suffering.. makes me in peace..

no more needles, no more tubes, no more pain… all at peace and silence, where you can finally have you eternal rest..

dear Fendi, friend of mine.. though time did not allow us the time to bond our friendship, but i thank Him for allowing this short crossing between our paths…

Rest well, my dear friend… your war with pain has finally ended.. we might not meet again, but the memoirs we have shall be kept in my heart forever…

Take good care of Lynn, as i know you’ll be beside her always… she needs the strength..

Goodbye Fendi…


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