.burning midnight oil.

it’s been a long time since i last posted here. kinda sick of blogging in a way. makes me depressed in a way. weird huh?

yeah. the Intuchinqs were laughing at me about it. sad.

went for a smoke at the balcony. this crazy kancil was blasting its sound system. idiotic music. play something decent at least, like Yoji’s or Benny.. or something better.

then dogs started barking. then they were chasing and running around the neighbourhood below me.

everything suddenly just went bizarre for a while in this quiet quiet night.

lazy to upload the pictures from my phone, procrastination.

lazy to upload pictures from my digital camera, procrastination.

sick of drawing storyboard for assignments, procrastination still. and that’s the reason of me being up and burning the midnight oil. serves me right.

i’m missing adrian so much.. things changed when dad stopped going overseas to work. we’d only see each other once a week now when he used to stay over on weekends. now when dad’s back in kl and we’ve moved to a smaller place, there’s simply no place for him to sleep, unless he wants to sleep on the couch. *laughs*

volleyball is getting to my head again and not to mention, my beer belly. *sighs* this is sickening (the beer belly). i guess it’s time for sit ups once again… no procrastination for this i hope. i don’t want to be fat when i grow older.. (dreads the thought about it)

new stuff – i’ve got a god sis!! so now i’ve got a god bro, god sis and a god mum! no, not the silly pet bro or sis stuff in school days. this is for real, i hope? i’m excited, knowing that i’m growing through the years… of course, there’s always this tiny little part of me getting wild at times… *winkz*

this is the longest post, so far.

back to assignments. *argh*


One thought on “.burning midnight oil.

  1. lazy girl! u consider tis as an update ar? so the short !! lazy u!!!! …. finally got a new godsis man! woohooo .. who ar? lol MISS BONG!! lol

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