.pavlova-new found fav-

Chilled out at Alexis in Bangsar with Mushroom, Junnie and Prem!

After a few window shopping, and a try-out on a no no dress… we finally halt at Alexis, just because mushroom found her fav food at the pastry case.


It’s a Pavlova.
ingredients?! you wouldn’t believe it.. generous toppings of fruits, strawberries, kiwis, berries.. the best part of this dessert?!

Pamper your tastebuds when you fork this dessert down and take one full bite. It melts perfectly in your mouth and smoothly goes down your throat.. For those who worries about being sinful, fret not! no egg yolks, just finely beaten egg white and a generous layer of non-sweetened cream… *yummy*

i think i need to frequent this place more.. for this wonderful dessert!! can’t wait!


One thought on “.pavlova-new found fav-

  1. pavlova=orgasm in a bite! wahahah LOVE it leh…lolz i told u its nice n at least it taste heavenly minus the fattening guilt(i duno how much calories izzit) but who gives a shit?! its too good to not eat! =Pp/s its meringue babes the egg white + sugar well beaten! when r we going karaoke??? thursday okie? need to pick sis up at 4pm only heheh n i going down KL =P

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